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Stonar Prep develops confident, inquisitive and independent girls and boys, who enjoy their education and are well-prepared for the next stage of their school careers.

The Prep School has small classes, with experienced, specialist teachers who provide creative and imaginative learning that fuels children's engagement, motivation and love of learning. Some pupils show obvious academic ability from an early age; others may need more encouragement. We help each child discover their aptitudes and develop their confidence as they experience numerous opportunities within and beyond the classroom. A vibrant learning atmosphere exists and a greater diversity of opportunity for girls and boys.

The boys and girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress. This helps them to become more independent.

Parents are involved in their child's education at every step along the way; progress is regularly and rigorously reported and the achievements of pupils are recognised and celebrated. Because the children learn and grow within our secure and nurturing environment they, develop a caring attitude towards each other, their school and the world around them.

Stonar Prep School is accredited by the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS)

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Send us an email or give us a call on +44 (0) 1225 701740

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